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CNB's Training

  • Online Course

    Our ELDT theory training is done through an online course for $125. You can do it at your own pace without missing work/life. Available 24/7 on any device.

  • 1 Week BTW Course

    5 days of behind-the-wheel training. 500 miles on average behind the wheel. Includes pre-trip, backing, and shifting. Includes testing!

  • 1-on-1 Training

    All the training is with a truck and instructor to yourself. Fully individualized training! You spend the week driving, not watching others drive.

  • $4000

    Our BTW one week course is only $4000.

  • 40 hours of BTW Time

    Our 1-on-1 training gives you a full week (40 hours) of time behind the wheel (including pre-trip).

Other Providers

  • Classroom - 1 Week

    Their ELDT theory training is 1 week in a classroom out of a 4-week program working at the instructor’s pace. This means additional time off work for you.

  • 3 Week BTW Course

    3 weeks of behind-the-wheel training. This means taking an extra 3 weeks off work.

  • Group Training

    Groups are typically 4+ trainees per instructor and truck. ¾ of your time is spent watching others in your group drive. Only ¼ of the time is actually spent with an instructor working on your skills and driving.

  • $6000+

    Their training is $6000 or more. You pay 50% more for less time behind the wheel.

  • 30 hours of BTW Time

    Their group training actually gives you less time behind the wheel in 3 weeks than ours does in 1 week.

    3 weeks = 120 hours

    120 hours / 4 people in a group = 30 hours per person

    This means you get less than a week of driving time at a much higher cost.


Other CDL training programs take 4 times as long, cost 50% more, and give you 25% less time behind the wheel.

Pay Only for Your Training, Not Other People's

We are a small business with a no-nonsense approach to CDL training. Our program takes just one week with our one-on-one training method, which includes your testing. You only pay for you, and we do the work to save you the time! We understand that on top of paying for training you cannot afford to also lose any additional time off work, be unemployed, or be without your employees. We care about you and your time, so we keep our prices as low as possible.

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Two buddies and I did the week long class for a Class A CDL. We had good one-on-one training. CNB is the real deal. They walked us through every step of the way from start to finish. We all had a great time. If you are looking to get your CDL, this is the place for you. We would like to thank all the CNB staff; thanks again. - Matt, Brandon, and Bryce
Matt Nichols and Friends
Matt Nichols
CNB Wagner Enterprise, LLC
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Mark Goldberg
Mark Goldberg
12:03 30 Jun 22
I enjoyed my experience with CNB Wagner. Quinten and Bret were very helpful. I learned a lot from them both. I would highly recommend them to get your class A CDL.
Jagroop Sandhu
Jagroop Sandhu
00:58 29 Jun 22
Listen carefully,This is the BEST school around. The staff is great they treat you like family. The instructors are the best. They teach you how to be a successful truck driver WITHOUT HURTING your pockets and WITHOUT WASTING your time. They provide ONE ON ONE instruction and have two trucks. You won't ever be sitting around doing nothing. I have never driven a truck in my life and was driving on the road and maneuvering around the yard like I have done it for years by my second day. The instruction is simple yet thorough and straight to the point. I would 100000% recommend this school if you are looking to get your CDL in as little as 3 days and a maximum of 5 days, speaking from experience. It is a very friendly environment and you will NOT be nervous about your test. The cherry on top is that they don't just train you, they also test you!! You don't have to wait weeks for your road test. They will make you comfortable behind the wheel of a truck within the week you're there!! I drove all the way from New York- 6 hours to attend this school and I could not be any HAPPIER. You go home without any restrictions on your CDL (you can drive manual.) Doesn't matter what state you're from this is the school to go to!!!! Trust me, you will not regret it and thank me later. P.S. You also get to drive a dump truck to get the feel for it, loaded. Don't worry about the new ELDT certifications because they provide it all!
Cory Cook
Cory Cook
23:44 30 Apr 22
Excellent third party for CDL Training as well as the test, Mike and Qwentin were both great. I highly recommend the Training if you are feeling uneasy whatsoever. They will make you feel at ease. The whole process was smooth and well worth the money. I passed my test, and am thankful for the guys at CNB for making me feel comfortable and setting me up for success in this journey. Thank you!
Mike Miller
Mike Miller
11:55 20 Mar 22
Excellent place to take a CDL test! Brett is very knowledgeable willing to help and teach as much as he can. Highly recommend anyone looking for training to come here first.
Trenton Stumbaugh
Trenton Stumbaugh
01:24 16 Feb 22
The owner and his wife were very nice yet professional.They do a very good job with there training program,for as quick as it is. I worked with the older guy, and personally really like him. He was a good guy, and tried to keep me relaxed during my test.(im just not a good test taker) I would personally recommend them,and I have a few friends that I have already recommended them to. (Thanks guys).
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